Heat Wave? Covid Wave? The Party still goes on!


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15th July 2022


Dr. Kate McCann

So, I am currently rocking my dinosaur temporary tattoo.  Souvenir of a child birthday party gone well.  I think.  At least DH said it went well because we made it 2 hours with no one crying and “no incidents” (his words).  2.30-4.30pm today was simply a blur of screaming boys tearing through my Pinterest-inspired decorated garden with water balloons and ice cream.  Thank you, btw, to everyone for your great suggestions for games the other night.

There is still joy in the time of Covid for a 7 y.o. – even if you have a #doctormommy organise your birthday party.

  1. Sun Safety: Everyone had their sunscreen and there was extra shade set up (in the photos, I clothes-pegged sheets between the trees.)
  2. Keeping cool: Lots of drinks, shade, and planned some games with water.
  3. Covid safety: Kept the group small and were 100% outside. Some guests antigen tested before (which I really appreciated!!).
  4. There was fresh fruit – but plenty of junk food. Really??    There are no “bad” foods. Parties are for treats – eating foods that are not the usual. Nothing served today should be on the regular weeknight menu.
  5. No bouncy house. (No, sorry, just can’t do it.  Seen too many child injuries from these.)
  6. Gratitude practice this evening after the party. Quick, simple reflection with son T. about what was fun about the party and pausing to be thankful for his friends, for the joy, for the sun, for the day.

What does that last one have to do with health?  Everything.  Social connections, positive psychology (finding joy), and #gratitude practice are great ways to build and maintain mental – and physical – health.

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