I love the playground with my boys!


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24th July 2022


Dr. Kate McCann

I was at the playground earlier today with T. and C.    I was inspired to write this post when I saw a few small children struggling to climb in crocs or fluffy – but really cute – sundresses.

Why doctors love playgrounds:  Did you know your child needs at least 60 minutes of physical activity at day?  And there are so many aspects of development they work on at a playground!

What’s my checklist/bag before heading out with my boys on our adventure?

  • Sturdy Shoes:  Crocs and sandals don’t protect toes and are difficult for climbing and jumping. Barefeet in a public playground isn’t advisable (not everyone is conscientious and picks up their litter).

  • Clothes for Movement:  Make sure your child can climb and run in the clothes.  They should allow free movement.  They should also be close-fitting without extra material (dangling cords/belts, long maxi dresses or very baggy trousers) that gets caught on material. Consider bringing layers for the weather.  Also consider shorts or leggings under girls dresses to allow them more movement. If it’s muddy or you are at potty-training stage, and extra set of clothes in the bag might be needed.

  • Healthy Snack:  Playing is hard work!  Clean child’s hands first and have the child take a break and sit.  Eating or sucking on sweets while on playground equipment or running is a choking hazard.

  • Be Sun Safe:  Sunscreen, Sun Hat, and if it is a very hot day, seek shade or play your visit earlier or later in the day.

  • Water – Did I mention playing is hard work?!

  • Towel – if it has recently rained, I bring a towel for wiping off seats.  This has nothing to do with safety, but a soggy swing will definitely but a damper on the trip.

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