Let’s Eat. Hungry isn’t Healthy.

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27th July 2022


Dr. Kate McCann

“Hi Emdoc. Would be very interested in some meat free recipes if you have some to share!”

I’m assuming this query is follows me tweeting last night about how much I loved Dr. Morgan’s pasta recipe suggestion? 😆  I love food. I want my patients to love food. No one should feel hungry. We want to eat smarter, healthier – but always enjoyable! (Starving yourself doesn’t – won’t – work – whatever today’s trending TikTok influencer says.)

So, where to start going meat-free?

The recipe I made last night? Dr. Morgan was tweeting about:

https://cooking.nytimes.com/…/1018322-one-pot-spaghetti… and it sounded really good (I substituted spinach for kale.)

I blogged about food, nutrition, and label-reading for a whole week in May! You can scroll back up to the posts the week of 9 May 2022 or try just the recipes that I archived on the blog:

If some of you are feeling: “That is just outside the food budget right now!”

Yes, absolutely. That is a huge concern of mine as a doc when food prices soar – diets become less healthy. I talked about this – and some approaches – recently on @LMFM radio a couple of weeks ago. If you missed it, you can read back here: https://emdoc.ie/…/wealth-is-health-or-the-impact-of…/

My favourite go-to when I am feeling like something new? Jamie Oliver has embraced meat-free days! Two that I’ve recently, I’ve tried – and loved! –
https://www.jamieoliver.com/…/seven-veg-tomato-sauce/ (Makes loads and freezes well for a quick weekday meal later.)
https://www.jamieoliver.com/…/roasted-black-bean-burgers/  (Little more effort but SO tasty. Go completely plant-based/ futher reduce the cholesterol in this recipe? Choose whole-grain bun, swap for a plant-based yogurt and skip the cheese.)

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