About emdoc Health

Emdoc Health has been a passion project devoted to promoting community health. It initially started off as a social media project while I was on maternity leave with my second son in 2018.

How it started

The image here is from one of the first posts I did: The Quiet Room. I recounted how in my experience as a doctor, I had had too many conversations with families in the quiet room. So many of those conversations were stories that didn’t need to happen. Poor health information was partly to blame in too many cases. In the social media project, I said I wanted to take the conversations out of the quiet room.

It was designed to create an accessible resource for families to find fact-based health information. I took it to social media because that’s where people go looking for answers. That is where the misinformation is. It grew over the past 3 years, and increasingly I was getting questions sent in that couldn’t be answer in social media. But patients couldn’t get access for medical consultations to get those answers. They didn’t feel empowered to advocate for their health.

Over the years, the feedback from the project on social media influenced – drastically – how I practiced medicine. Hopefully, in good ways. I began to listen for what patients didn’t say, couldn’t say. I stopped assuming – and started double checking – that patients had access to all the correct information they needed to make informed healthcare decisions. The pandemic made me re-assess the burden of chronic – and preventable – disease. But increasingly I realized that if I wanted to bring real change to healthcare – to try a new and forward-thinking model of health care – I would have to do something more.

So, welcome to emdoc Health. This is a new model of healthcare. An affordable option for accessible care for chronic, often preventable, sometimes reversible chronic disease and personal medical advising.