Emdoc Health Services:

Lifestyle Medicine

One-on-One Lifestyle Medicine Consultation, Couple or Family Consultation and Medical Group Visits.

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Personal Medical Advising

We can help if you are looking for help with fact-checking or getting more information on a medical topic.

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Medical Education

Virtual medical education sessions that focus on general family health topics.  These will be held twice a week.  

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One-on-One Lifestyle Medicine Consultation

One-on-one appointments available for assessment for prevention or treatment of chronic lifestyle-related diseases including pre-diabetes, Type 2 diabetes, PCOS, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, stress, and obesity. During your initial visit, we will assess your health and create a plan – led by you – to start to make effective changes to improve your physical and mental health. After your assessment, you can decide the follow-up that is right for you: further one-on-one visits, virtual appointments, group visits, or a combination.

Couple or Family Consultation

If you and your partner/family member want to make changes together, you can book a joint consultation. When your family or your partner supports or gets involved in your lifestyle changes, you are all more likely to succeed! These appointments will run longer, up to 90 minutes. After your assessment, you can decide the follow-up that is right for you: one-on-one visits in person or together, virtual one-on-one appointments, group visits, or a combination.

Affordable and Accessible Care

Medical Group Visits

Group visits are medical appointments in which multiple patients are seen simultaneously by the physician in a supportive group setting and the focus is upon the actual delivery of medical care. Group visits go by a variety of names; however, the main benefit of these medical visits is always the same- time. Instead of the doctor’s time being divided into regimented 7-15 minute individual interactions with patients, we are instead able to interact in-depth for 90 minutes with small groups. The evidence is clear that everyone wins with this delivery model.

Group medical visits provide with regular, evidence-based medical advice, and accessible support. Group Medical Visits and Virtual Group Medical visits have become an important part of health care, used widely in US, UK, and elsewhere. Medical group visits are ideal for patients with chronic disease. They have the additional benefits of opportunities to learn and share approaches to self-management. Group Medical Visits offer other advantages that are unique in Irish health care: time and access to care. Appointments are longer: 60-90 minutes. These appointments may be more affordable for those who may find multiple private medical consultations outside their budget. There are no waiting lists. Chronic disease – such as Type 2 diabetes or PCOS – can affect your quality of life, your ability to work, enjoy life, and every day activities. Times and frequency of available groups may vary depending on patient demand and interest. Patients who use these services report high satisfaction and can have better clinical outcomes.

How does it work?

Book an initial consultation. This will be done through a secure video telehealth portal. During this session, we will explore where you are at with your health, review whether any basic medical work-up or more information from your GP is needed first currently, and identify a group would best help you to meet your goals. Groups are based on patient demand, but we are currently putting together groups for:

  • Weight Management: In Lifestyle Medicine, weight isn’t about image. It’s about health. It’s about reducing the risk of long-term complications. This group is for lifestyle interventions for those who want to manage weight with goals such as improving sleep, energy, mood, physical fitness, and reducing risks of complications.
  • PCOS: This group is for lifestyle interventions for women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome. Lifestyle medicine interventions can improve symptoms and fertility.
  • Pre-diabetes/Type 2 diabetes: This group is for lifestyle interventions for patients who have been diagnosed with “pre-diabetes”, “diet-controlled diabetes” or “Type 2 diabetes”. The goal of lifestyle medicine is to push diabetes into remission.
  • Heart Health: Lifestyle intervention for those with hypertension or coronary artery disease. This aims to lower blood pressure, improve coronary artery health, and reduce the risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • Men’s Health: Men have special health risks, including higher risks of sleep apnoea and heart disease. Poor health can cause low testosterone, low mood, fatigue, poor sleep, erectile dysfunction.
  • Better mental health group: Lifestyle medicine interventions to improve mood, improve sleep, and manage stress.

Personal Medical Advising

Appointments are available for personal medical advising or medical discernment. What is that? Well, it’s the smart and fact-checked alternative to Dr. Google. We can help if you are looking for help with fact-checking, getting more information, or need additional resources on a medical topic. What personal medical advising is not? It is not primary care/ GP. It is not a second opinion service.

Medical Education Sessions

Virtual medical education sessions that focus on general family health topics. These will be held twice a week. You can pre-book a space. You will have the opportunity before the session to suggest topics or questions to be covered.

Other services:

Medical education services such as lectures or presentations to groups on health and wellness topics – including family or mental health – are available. The mission of Emdoc health is always to make lifestyle medicine and health education accessible for everyone, including to underserved communities. Fees for non-for-profit organisations can be arranged on a sliding-scale or waived on a case-by-case basis.


Weekly Family Health Medical Education Session


€10 (per household per session)

Parent and Baby Virtual Family Health Sessions


€10 (per parent per session)

Personal Medical


€60 (for 30 minute consultations)

Group Medical Appointments:

Individual assessment ahead of joining a group medical appointment:

€25 (for 20 minutes)
€20 (per group medical appointment)

Group sizes are limited so that each patient can get maximum benefit from each session.

One-on-One Lifestyle Medicine Consultation


€150 (for initial 90-minute consultation)
€60 (for 30 minute follow-up)