Meet Dr. Kate McCann

Lifestyle medicine physician


Dr. Kate McCann is a lifestyle medicine physician and creator of the social media project “Emdoc Heath”.

Dr. McCann is a Member of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and the British Society for Lifestyle Medicine. She has an international diploma in lifestyle medicine and certification from The Strategic Centre for Obesity Professional Education (SCOPE). In 2018, Dr. McCann created the social media project now titled “emdoc Health” with the goal of promoting health education and health literacy for families.

She received her undergraduate degree cum laude from the University of Notre Dame in 2000 and MB BCh with Honours from University College Cork 2006. She is an Irish Medical Council registered doctor with more than 15 years clinical experience, and is a Member of Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.. She is a former Research Associate and lecturer in biochemistry/molecular biology at Indiana University School of Medicine and former Fellow at the Eck Institute for Global Health at University of Notre Dame 2010-2011. From 2009 – 2012, Dr. McCann travelled in a regular series US-based medical aid missions to Léogâne, Haiti. She has published and presented research internationally over the past decade. She has a special interest in medical ethics, and has participated in international forums, hospital ethics committee, and the Indiana University School of Medicine curriculum development committee for medical ethics.

She lives in Co. Meath with her husband, 2 young sons, and rescue terrier, Lucy.