Emdoc Health Mission

Emdoc Health was created in 2021 to provide accessible, patient-centered care and to empower patients to be advocates for their own health.

Emdoc Health Kate McCann

Time – First appointments average around 60 minutes; minimum 30 minutes is scheduled for follow-up

Accessibility – Patients can book their appointment dates and times online. The practice also accept self-referrals. There are no long waiting lists. Dr. McCann is easily contactable, and returns requests for urgent call-backs within 24 hours.

Hybrid model for flexibility – A mix of in-person and telehealth appointments, including early morning and evening to suit patient’s busy schedules and to remove transportation and patient location as barrier to healthcare.

Communication – We are powered by Jane, using a GDPR compliant patient portal to give patients secure and direct access to their results, letters, and treatment plans.

Affordability – Patients have options including group medical visit model, which means private healthcare is accessible to more patients.

Trauma Informed Practice: Dr. Kate McCann is an advocate for patient dignity, and is committed to eliminating weight bias and weight stigma in healthcare.